Spintr Feature list

Activity Log

The activity log allows you to follow the Intranet activity in real-time. User interactions, reading lists and other activities are gathered for easy editing and transparency into the Intranet use.


The birthday feature is used to post on the Intranet and throughout the digital workspace whenever a co-worker has a birthday. This stimulated engagement and interaction.


Spintr’s comprehensive blog feature allows the users to start their own individual blogs, or together with co-workers to share info regarding their work. A blog can also have “official” status for higher priority and visibility.


Spintr offers you the opportunity to create one or more calendars in the Intranet. The calendars can have various themes and titles and can be targeted different parts of the organization. Some examples: educational calendar, marketing calendar, and, why not, an after-work calendar.


The Spintr chat feature helps you keep the dialogue going between individuals or in chat groups, no matter the client type or thirty-party product.

Competence development

With the competence development feature one can, after consulting with employees, publish the desired number of hours dedicated to competence development, and follow-up on which courses have been completed and how many are remaining to get to the next skill level.

Dashboard elements

The dashboard elements app lets you feed your organization’s  key data to the Intranet, and you can follow, in real-time, key numbers, top lists and budgets. Ideal if you have a KPI driven organization.


The e-mail app allows you to automate and send out newsletters regarding important news on the intranet, to the whole organization.

Employee Portfolio

In the employee portfolio, or list, you will find co-workers via smart searches, based on competence, title or name.

File - and document handling

Spintr has a powerful file – and document handling with a flexible a with flexible folder structure, rights handling, check in and check out features that are social to facilitate dialogue and knowledge sharing around files and documents.


The app gives you the opportunity to create various forms for research, orders and notifications. Create the form and paste it where you like, in the news section or on content pages.


Spintr gives you the  opportunity to link to external or internal systems or other web content, using the Iframes feature to create iframes and frame content that can be linked in to the structure later on.


The Spintr Instagram app lets you link from one or more Instagram feeds to your main social flow on the home page of the Intranet. This is especially useful for the employer branding effect, and makes for an attractive visual impression.

Intranet Overview

The Intranet map lets you get a smart overview of all the Intranet content. Everything is nicely structured in alphabetical order, and the user can quickly navigate to the page of choice.


The Media-hub is the place for graphics, logos, images from social events or other press material. Folders can be rights-controlled.


A big part of Spintr is the comprehensive news feature that lets you communicate personalized and targeted news in different formats with defined publishing times and priority.

Non Attendance

Spintr offers the users a basic absence feature to be able to report on planned and other types of non-attendance in the organization.


The Notes feature lets users make their own notes from meetings or in an information sharing project, across departments. Notes are easy to share with co-workers.


Spintr informs its users regarding changes in content, relevant social interactions, and editors regarding reader statistics.

Organizational structure

Visualize your organizational structure, create pages for the various departments and show who works in what part of the organization.

Q & A

With this app you can build a knowledge database with questions and answers based on themes and subjects. The app is in a beta version and is constantly updated.

Quick Messaging

This Spintr app facilitates quick messaging of urgent communication, like security messages or other types of communications that everyone on the organization needs to be updated on.

Receiver Groups

Using receiver groups you can set-up groups of users that can receive targeted information. This can be….

Resource booking

Spintr offers the opportunity to include your resources as conference rooms, projectors or carpool with booking times. You define what resource can be booked.

RSS and import of syndicated information

With our feature for RSS-import you can link to external information and external feeds from, for instance, a press or alert service.

Search Engine

The search engine is one of our most popular features. With a quick search you get hits on people, files, text pages, news etc. You can even search text within documents like Word or PDF.

Search Engine Statistics

An important part of creating an Intranet adapted for the users is knowing what they search for. In our statistics tool you will find the most popular search queries over a given time period. The tool even shows failed searches, so that you get visibility to content that is missing in the Intranet.

Service information

The service information app lets you inform the whole organization about planned system revisions and updates, on all levels.


The shortcuts feature allows you to create shortcuts to external or internal systems. web sites or other resources. It can also be used to create automatic log-ins and make important shortcuts a priority.

Social flow

Spintr is a super-social product and an important component is our social flow. This is a complex function that supports knowledge transfer, sharing competence, and sharing social events. With social flow you can share text, images, links and videos throughout the organization. The configuration and edit features ensure that this works well for all types of organizations.


Statistics is an important element, to be able to track traffic of interactions in the Intranet. Using statistics in Spintr you can adapt the Intranet and create a content demand. You can survey popular search phrases, visit numbers, traffic details etc.


There’s a lot of content in Spintr that can be tagged. A tag sends a signal to a search engine and is displayed in a tag-cloud that is easy to use to search and filter information.

Text boost

You can use Text boost to lift extra important content on the start page. This could be anything from a link to a time management system or the most visited page on the intranet. Another feature to make things as easy as possible for the user. These boosts can be targeted specific user groups in the organization as well.

Text pages and structured content

Text, or structured content, pages is the part of the Intranet with the highest information level. You can build a structure with sub-pages that are easy to edit. Features like add images, tables, videos, forms etc. are naturally included.

To-do lists

The To-do lists feature allows you to send out to-do lists to all units in the organization and track how all individual units complete their tasks.


Smart team working in work groups with Spintr’s powerful work spaces. You can synchronize dialogue, planning, calendar, file handling and many more tools. Perfect for shorter or longer collaborations in smaller or larger teams.


Wikis is a popular feature that is used in larger organizations. A wiki offers the possibility to create a communal knowledge-hub where the employees can further develop the content together.

Management Systems

Business Processes

Routine responsible

Specific routines per operating unit

Incident handling

Improvement handling

Competence development