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Excellent internal communication, boosted team spirit and vital key figures in real time. Our Customer Success team will get you started and inspire towards your goals. Our Support team is available when needed.

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Spintr Core

All your tools in one place for world class internal communication, efficient cooperations and ultimate conditions to reach goals in real time.

  • puzzle

    Applications for internal communication and key figures

  • monitor

    Webb application for mobile and desktop (WCAG 2.1)

  • mobile

    Applications for iOS and Android

  • arrow

    REST API for data

  • cloud

    Operated in Microsoft Azure

  • gear

    Built on MS Fluent UI and .NET Core

Spintr + Office 365

Everything from the Spintr Core package, as well as your Office 365-licence integrated in the product. Make your work even more efficient when your internal communication platform move into Teams.

  • one-drive

    Microsoft OneDrive

  • notes (1)

    Microsoft OneNote

  • outlook

    Microsoft Outlook

  • share-point

    Microsoft SharePoint

  • teams (1)

    Microsoft Teams

  • azure

    Azure AD/ADFS/SSO

This makes Spintr different

Apart from the possibilities to target your key figures to relevant audiences, Spintr is a unique and complete project in multiple ways.

  • spintr_icon_high_five

    Up and running immediately!

    With Spintr your solution is complete. We have done the work for you, with hundreds of customers before you. Smooth and easy.

  • spintr_icon_download_e-guide

    True SaaS

    True SaaS means a ready-to-start solution, continuous development, a fixed rate and proactive as well as reactive support to you.

  • spintr_icon_social_interaction

    Knowledge bank

    We understand the importance of internal communication and key figures. Our material explains how it helps your organization to thrive.
  • spintr_icon_office365

    Integrates with Office 365

    Benefit from both Office 365 and Spintr through our integration. Spintr is integrated with Office 365 from the start.

  • spintr_icon_project

    Available according to WCAG

    Spintr is an accessible platform that complies with current legal requirement for accessibility and WCAG 2.1.

  • spintr_icon_high_five

    Operational safety

    Through our operating provider, Microsoft Azure, we comply with the security requirements that follows with ISO 27001.

Strengthen your organization in Microsoft Teams

Add your brand, your internal communication, and your key figures in Spintr’s own Teams-application. All colleagues can reach your own platform - no matter what screen they use.

A perfect start and end to your working day!
Intranätet i Teams

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