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Spintr Core

All your tools in one place for world class internal communication, efficient cooperations and ultimate conditions to reach goals in real time.

  • puzzle

    Applications for internal communication and key figures

  • monitor

    Webb application for mobile and desktop (WCAG 2.1)

  • mobile

    Applications for iOS and Android

  • arrow

    REST API for data

  • cloud

    Operated in Microsoft Azure

  • gear

    Built on MS Fluent UI and .NET Core

Spintr + Office 365

Everything from the Spintr Core package, as well as your Office 365-licence integrated in the product. Make your work even more efficient when your internal communication platform move into Teams.

  • one-drive

    Microsoft OneDrive

  • notes (1)

    Microsoft OneNote

  • outlook

    Microsoft Outlook

  • share-point

    Microsoft SharePoint

  • teams (1)

    Microsoft Teams

  • azure

    Azure AD/ADFS/SSO

Benefits of Spintr

With the characteristics of a living intranet, Spintr gathers both data and employees in one place. Through a transparent platform for internal communication, the brand's values are spread in a uniform way through the entire organization. This gives you unique opportunities to learn about your health as an organization, and what your areas of improvement are.

  • Kulturplattform
    A culture-strengthening platform

    Let your organizational culture shine on a social platform that enables you to communicate it throughout the organization.

  • Nåbarhet-1

    Reach out to the entire organization or a specific employee with your device of choice.

  • kommunikation
    One designated channel of communication
    Minimize shadow IT with a communication channel that aligns with your values and leaves no questions unanswered.
  • vikänsla
    Stronger core values

    Convey your core values through the entire organization with a strong organizational culture for everyone.

  • Dokument-1
    Smooth document handling

    Instant digital access to every imaginable document you may need through intuitive and AI-powered search functions.

  • WCAG-1
    Targeted communication made simple

    Intuitive content management with push notifications that allow you to create and direct communication to specific employees or the entire organization.

Strengthen your organization in Microsoft Teams

Add your brand, your internal communication, and your key figures in Spintr’s own Teams-application. All colleagues can reach your own platform - no matter what screen they use.

Spintr + Office 365
Intranätet i Teams

50.000 users are already participating

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