Corporate Culture as a Service

Spintr is a complete solution for your internal communication. An up to date and intuitive platform that strengthens your corporate culture and reaches the entire organization in an instant, regardless of device.

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Spintr takes your internal communication to the next level with a ready-to-go intranet that…

  • Increases transparency and employee engagement throughout the organization
  • Allows you to search with precision in all sources and documents
  • Strengthens your sense of community with a natural digital meeting place

In other words – everything an intranet should be.

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Benefits of Spintr

With the characteristics of a living intranet, Spintr gathers both data and employees in one place. Through a transparent platform for internal communication, the brand's values are spread in a uniform way through the entire organization.

This gives you unique opportunities to learn about your health as an organization, and what your areas of improvement are.

  • Kulturplattform
    A culture-strengthening platform

    Let your organizational culture shine on a social platform that enables you to communicate it throughout the organization.

  • Nåbarhet-1

    Reach out to the entire organization or a specific employee with your device of choice.

  • kommunikation
    One designated channel of communication

    Minimize shadow IT with a communication channel that aligns with your values and leaves no questions unanswered.

  • vikänsla
    Stronger core values

    Convey your core values through the entire organization with a strong organizational culture for everyone.

  • Dokument
    Smooth document handling

    Instant digital access to every imaginable document you may need through intuitive and AI-powered search functions.

  • WCAG-1
    Targeted communication made simple

    Intuitive content management with push notifications that allow you to create and direct communication to specific employees or the entire organization.


App for iOS & Android

A powerful communication tool that keeps all employees updated and the organization in sync. Keep track of the social flow, push notifications, display key performance indicators, and take part in the same content as the desktop version in a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate app.

Banshee - direct access to the collective knowledge of the organization

A powerful AI tool that synchronizes your information and communication flow. With Banshee, the question reaches the person just by asking it. All while search functions reach down into all sources and documents to keep everything accessible.

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