”When we first started using data widgets in Spintr, our employees' engagement rose by 32% in one week! Spintr engages colleagues, boosts team spirit and displays our key figures automatically in real time, which saves time and streamlines work.”

Peter Simonsson – CEO, Stjärnurmakarna

”An easy and intuitive communication tool where we internally can create news and blogs that explains and simplifies all the different stages for our employees.”

Linda Ahnfeldt – Marketing Manager, SOVA

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"As Spintr is a responsive tool it allows all employees to participate and contribute with information – to belong and participate is one of Panduro’s biggest goals! Therefore, a platform that reaches all employees, in all cities and countries, is vital for us."

Eva Stenström – Project Manager, Panduro

“We searched and tried out different platforms before we found Spintr – which has made an enormous difference for us! Almost all internal communication is run through Spintr and e-mailing is but a memory. We can’t remember how we managed earlier, and nowadays, when most employees work at a distance, Spintr is even more invaluable to us!”

Johnny Nordström, BRIS

”Spintr has given us at XL-Bygg an opportunity to use one platform and still reach all our employees, in all our stores with all our communication. It also enables our stores and coworkers to share thoughts and experiences with each other in an easy and engaging way.”

XL Bygg
Jessica Larsson, XL-Bygg

”To choose a project that is ready-to-use was the easiest, best and most visual way for us to meet our employees needs in a short space of time. A big advantage is the simplicity within the product which allows you to move data from different servers, and create a fun, clear and engaging structure of all your information easily.”

Cecilia Bergström, Xtractor

”In hindsight, it is possible to launch an internal communication platform in a short space of time! The entire platform is technically easy and quick to set up, and easy to manage as an administrator. The team at Spintr is always quick to answer all sorts of questions, which helps us to move forward as an organization.”

Jenny Engström – Head of Communication, STF

”As part of our development we are now aiming to reach a new level for our internal communication and the exchange of experience within the projects to maintain our relevance.”

Björn Hermansson, Erelko

”With Spintr and their easy and accessible support your organization’s goals are within reach.”

Åsa Murakami, Vadstena kommun
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