A new Intranet doesn’t have to be complicated

The finance industry is, in general, governed by strict processes with a vast set of rules that defines frameworks and guiding principles for your company. Compliance and process symmetry are key aspects for being able to keep in line with the company’s regulations.

Introducing a new IT system in the financial industry is normally a complex operation that includes risk management, pre-studies and consequence analysis before implementing.

Full control on every step of the project.

Our implementation model gives you, the customer, the control of the whole start-up process. We always organize a start-up meeting, in which we together define your needs to identify which parts of the process that demand extra attention. Using Spintr you are never dependent on consultants, but will experience 100% value and security.

Using Spintr as your social Intranet you get:

  • A turn-key solution with a provider that takes care of all the steps of the implementation process.
  • We offer an implementation model with a transparent, fixed cost and a fixed delivery date.
  • Spintr is one of few professional enterprise solutions that you can test and even begin implementation before a deal is signed. Start a test-version of Spintr, start publishing content to create a context and understanding for what a social Intranet can do for you. This knowledge-building approach ensures that you experience a return before investing!

Whitelabel solution adapted to you identity.

Having your own graphic identity and verified sender status create confidence in your brand and a heightened sense of belonging among co-workers.

Spintr is completely adapted you your graphic identity, a so-called “white-label solution”. This entails that no Spintr signage is included in employee communications. Spintr is your complete Intranet and digital workspace, as if you’ve bought a consultancy solution with all elements adapted to your organization.

Cloud based or on premises?

You choose whether to take advantage of Spintr’s cloud service or hosting the Intranet in-house. The latter can be done through your own servers, a server provider or any other external service partner.

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