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Your streamlined Employee Experience Platform

Spintr enables meaningful work in a healthy culture through positive digital workspaces, employee recognition, and growth opportunities.

Going beyond basic intranet technology to deliver a high-touch personalized employee experience. 

The Spintr Hub

message-notif Share

Centralized information for a single source of truth, easy access and intuitive update capability.

messages-1 Collaborate

Work across silos get help and share expertise throughout distributed workforces using social flows and niche group feature. 

emoji-happy Engage

Communicate with specific groups or company-wide with news, announcements, trends, and opportunities.

message-favorite Acknowledge

Recognize and celebrate employees for individual and team contributions and achievements. 

add-square Create

Develop, edit, translate content fast with the support of Spintr's built-in AI feature. 

favorite-chart Learn

Use intelligent analytics to make impactful decisions for employees and business through actionable insights. 

discover Align

Curate and reinforce culture and goal alignment for on-site, remote, and hybrid employees.

box-2 Integrate

Replace redundant systems through built-in functionality and seamlessly connect proprietary applications and current business tools. 

award Motivate

Increase motivation and productivity for distributed teams through two-way communications and social channels. 

See our platform in action

With Spintr you're able to


Target communications so information is relevant, timely, and personalized without the "noise" of infobesity.

Attract your employees with compelling stories and information to motivate their participation. 
Encourage cross-functional, cross-geo  performance from a distributed workforce.
Set targets and achievement goals with transparency towards building the culture and delivering on company vision.
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Leverage the Spintr Ecosystem

Gain agility and adapt quickly to innovation and evolving requirements

The Spintr Marketplace enables you to personalize your employee experience by choosing apps and services that align with employee roles and preferences. This allows for smoother and more integrated workflows, as employees can move between different tools and services easily.

The Spintr Marketplace comes with robust API capabilities, allowing fast integration with third-party application and services. 

Learn more about integration

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Spintr's key features

These are features that we have jointly developed with our customers based on their usage patterns, needs, and wants - which will continue to evolve with you!

Human Resources


onboard Onboard

Use the platform for onboarding processes, providing new employees with a centralized hub for training materials, policies, and resources. 

Spintr Module or Feature: Spintr files or share Sharepoint files

develop Develop

Share educational content, training modules, and resources to support ongoing professional development.

Spintr Module or Feature: Personal Development

benefits Benefits information

Centralize information on employee benefits, insurance plans, and retirement options for easy access. 

Spintr Module or Feature: Spintr files, static web pages.

comply Comply with policies

Store and update company policies, handbooks, and HR-related documents in a dedicated section for reference.

Spintr Module or Feature: Spintr files, static pages, blog or link to Sharepoint files

growyourteams Grow your teams

Share internal job postings, career advancement opportunities, and career options within the platform.

Spintr Module or Feature: Spintr news or integration to tools such as Teamtailor

getfeedback Get feedback

Implement surveys to gather real-time feedback on employee satisfaction, engagement, and well-being.

Spintr Module or Feature: Management tool

communities Build internal communities

Facilitate employee communities or interest groups to foster a sense of belonging and collaboration. Spotlight employee stories to humanize the workplace and strengthen the organizational culture.

Spintr Module or Feature: Blog, News, Sub hubs, Celebrate wins (small or big).

insights Gain insights

Leverage analytics to gather insights into employee engagement and overall HR metrics. Use predictive analytics to identify trends and make data-driven decisions to improve HR strategies (coming soon).

Spintr Module or Feature: Spintr insights

wellness Support wellness

Provide access to employee wellness resources, health tips, and information on supporting work-life-balance to improve on employee satisfaction and retention. 

Spintr Module or Feature: Spintr files, Sub hubs, Blogs

Marketing and Communications


communicate Communicate in real-time

Instant messaging, chat, or collaboration groups facilitate quick communication within teams.

Spintr Module or Feature: Social Flow, Chat, Sub Hubs.

broadcast Broadcast messages

Use the hub to disseminate important company-wide announcements, updates, and news.

Spintr Module or Feature: Blog, Social Flow, News

manage_content Manage content

A central hub for storing and organizing marketing materials, branding guidelines, and other documents.

Spintr Module or Feature: Spintr file directory or Sharepoint

collaborate Collaborate effectively Create project spaces for cross-functional teams or specific projects, for better communication and coordination.

Spintr Mobile or Feature: Spintr sub hubs

share_campaign Share campaign updates

Use Spintr to communicate on upcoming campaigns with real-time updates, progress, and key milestones.

Spintr Mobile or Feature: Social flow, Sub hub, Spintr files or Sharepoint files

survey_insights Survey for insights

Gather feedback and gain insight by assessing employee sentiments through targeted surveys and questions. 

Spintr Module or Feature: Management tools

promote_event Promote internal events

Promote virtual events, such as town hall meetings, webinars, or training sessions. Store all-hands presentations for easy access. 

Spintr Mobile or Feature: Social flow, Sub hub, Spintr files or Sharepoint files

verified Engage with social media

Extend external communications and reach by leveraging employee social media. Share guidelines on employee response to incoming inquiries related to your brand or campaigns.

Spintr Mobile or Feature: Social flow, Sub hub, Spintr files or Sharepoint files

recognize Recognize employees

Showcase employee achievements, milestones, and successes to boost morale and add to company culture. Feature employees who help humanize your brand and build community.

Spintr Mobile or Feature: Celebrate wins (small or big)

Information Technology


automate Automate your User Management

Spintr allows you to add and maintain your employee base from your Active Directory (AD) using our connectors and synch capabilities. 

Spintr Module or Feature: AD Connector & Synch

integrate Integrate to existing solutions

Find the integrations you need in Spint's one-stop Marketplace or use our API to develop your own integrations. 

Spintr Module or Feature: Marketplace & API documentation.

app Reach employees via mobile app

The Spintr platform has been developed with a mobile-first strategy so the native mobile app matches the functionality available in the desktop experience

Spintr Module or Feature: Android and IOS Mobile App

AI-ready Leverage AI-ready features

Take advantage of AI 

Take advantage of AI to enable employees to work faster and more effectively using the built-in Spintr AI integrations. 

Spintr Module or Feature: AI features

alert Alert employees real-time

Spintr can alert your employees immediately about potential issues, system interruptions, or unexpected disruptions wherever they are located. 

Spintr Module or Feature: Broadcast feature

self-service Access IT self-service knowledge 

Users can find expert advice for self-service troubleshooting through FAQs and proven solutions. IT professionals can access and maintain resolution documentation.

Spintr Module or Feature: Web pages, blogs, news or wikis and sub hub area
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