Spintr with Slack!

Slack is a popular communications tool for teams and smaller businesses, normally used to take advantage of dialogue in projects, threads or source code. One connects Slack with the business systems one works with, that push updates from the systems to the relevant Slack channel. In some cases one can integrate back to the systems from Slack.

Spintr Slack update

Only relevant updates

With Spintr’s Slack integration and the Spintr app for Slack you get relevant updates in Slack regarding what is going on in the Intranet. Updates could relate to new content created or updates in the social flow, and are sent directly to the chosen Slack channel.

Slack relevant updates

Faster updates for the user

By using our Slack integration and the Spintr app in Slack you get quicker updates on what is happening in your Intranet.

As an editor or administrator you will enjoy your content spreading both faster and reaching farther in the organization.

Personalized and adapted

Updates for Slack are personalized and adapted each user connected from Slack to Spintr and vice versa. We adjust volumes and communication according to the user’s role, position and circles in the Intranet.