Our mission is to get your co-workers to e-mail less, communicate more and become more involved and engaged. Find out how we achieved this already for over 60.000 users in many different industries, languages and countries. 

Spintr Customer Business Solutions

Spintr and our business solutions

We believe in creating mutual beneficial relationships with companies and organizations that enhance our solutions.

It is this mutual enhancement that drives the development of Spintr. Every single upgrade or addition will benefit every single user of Spintr. That is one of the strongest benefits of an Intranet cloud solution. We listen to all our customer and their users and each improvement that dialog will create, will benefit everyone, without any additional cost or work.

That is one of the reasons why we focus on Retail, Finance and the Public Sector. Those business industries rapidly develop the demand for security, quality, speed and editorial intuition.

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Spintr is continuously developed together with our customers

  • High security and quality

    High security demands from customers within the Financial industry help keep Spintr ahead of the development.

  • Sales and collaboration

    The flexible work environments and high speed information needs withing the retail industry tunes Spintrs social engine.

  • Professional publishing tools

    Professional editors from the Public Sector ensure that Spintr provides an up to date and easy to use editorial space.

Finance intranet solution


Quicker communication with the financial industry’s social intranet.

Introducing a new IT system in the financial industry is normally a complex operation that includes risk management, pre-studies and consequence analysis before implementing.

With Spintr you get:

  • Full control on every step of the project.
  • A turn-key solution from a provider that takes full responsibility for the complete delivery.
  • A well-tested implementation model at a fixed, transparent cost and a fixed delivery date.

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Retail Intranet Solution


A social, digital work space for chain stores and retail.

Chain and other retail stores are characterized by a seasonal sales cycle. You can reduce excessive e-mailing, increase focus on what matters and increase involvement and engagement between the stores, no matter the location with our social intranet.

With Spintr you get:

  • Individual units’ sales data, budget information and top lists.
  • A shared information source that facilitates interaction and communication throughout the organization, for a more efficient work day.
  • Data with key numbers and sales information for complete control of the sales process.


Public Sector Intranet Solution

Public Sector

A social intranet for improved communication in the public sector.

Keeping up with best practices is a common challenge in the public sector. We make sure that you are always compliant with best practices through your social Internet and digital workspace.
Spintr is a solution built for complex organizations with hundreds of editors. We keep delivering and are experts on customers within the public sector.

With Spintr you get:

  • A shared information arena – with multiple units, departments and locations connected.
  • User-friendly editorial tools that anyone can master.
  • An Intranet supplier that keeps innovating and developing the solution for maximum customer satisfaction!

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