The Product

A complete intranet

Spintr is a social and complete intranet with all the functions you need to maximize your internal communication. Easy to use - ready to launch.

Take advantage of the value in Office 365

Spintr integrates Office 365 products into the intranet. It takes 5 minutes to fix and maximizes the benefits of Office 365.

Mobile apps for iOS and Android

Use our mobile apps to push notices of important news, events and to capture everyday life in the workplace.

User friendly from start

Easy for most to understand with a modern design and environment. We also have plenty of power for the advanced.

The Project

Full budget control

Spintr has a low total cost of ownership compared to other similar solutions, all included in a single monthly cost.

Get it done guarantee

With a ready-to-use product and an integrated CMS, it is easy to budget and decide on a launch date. Everything is included - no surprises.

No SharePoint hack

We don't build Spintr on SharePoint which gives you a better interface, less worries and no eternity project as we develop the product all the time.

Easy, safe and personal

At Spintr you have your own contact person who helps you all the way to launch and is available throughout the journey.

Security and

Market-leading reliability

Your intranet is deployed in Microsoft Azure - one of the world's most reliable services. Of course we supply monitoring and the entire delivery to you.

Safe place, safe storage

The data is always in Europe, always with double backup at Microsoft. Spintr is GDPR compliant and your data is always your data.

Appreciated intranet support

When something doesn't feel right you should quickly get help in everything from functions to communication paths - in Swedish and English.

Always the latest version

The product is always up to date and never gets old. With Spintr you get a continuous delivery, it is not a consultancy building that we hand over to decay with you.

Integration and customizable

Office 365

Spintr improves Office 365. We combine the productivity of Office 365 with really good internal communication and create a nice employer branding.

SSO along with external systems

Which tools and programs do you want in your intranet? With our SSO bridges, you can easily take other applications directly into the intranet.

External contacts in the intranet

Do you work with staff outside your organization? Connect several organizations and use Spintr as a collaboration engine.

Configurable and customizable

Spintr may be ready to start, but the product is also adaptable. With our own local technology team and many partners, we can adapt to your needs.

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