Office 365 integration

A ready-made Office 365 - intranet

Integrate Spintr’s Intranet with your Office365 tools at a fraction of the time of a regular Intranet-project, and you have a truly digital workplace with everything connected in the same place.

All features are included from the offset in our SaaS service. You can easily choose what features to use and what Office365 tools you will include in the platform. You can turn off an on integrations when you like, and the only thing you need to provide Spintr with is an e-mail address.

Office smart workplace

A smarter more extensive workplace

By integrating Microsoft Graph with Spintr you can work even smarter and more efficient.

Through Microsoft Graph in Spintr, you can get key-based suggestions on people in your vicinity when you invite members to a workgroup, when you share an object in the Intranet or get suggestions on files to upload to the file-bank, based on the documents you have worked on from OneDrive.

Office 365 tools

Office 365-tools we integrate with

Spintr365 integrates seamlessly with several tools in Office365. By logging in to Spintr365, using your Office365 credentials, user details and organizational structure are mirrored for users from Azure AD.

This happens when you integrate Office 365 with Spintr 365:

  • Your personal calendar from Outlook is included in the Intranet.
  • Activities from workgroups in the product is synchronized with Outlook.
  • Your  OneDrive for Business is available in the  Intranet.
  • The organization’s shared SharePoint files are available in Spintr’s file-edit tool.
  • You can communicate with your contacts from Skype for Business with text, sound and video, directly in the Intranet.

Continuous development

We continuously develop our integration with the goal of reaching a “unified communication”.

Microsoft is continuously making improvements and opening new doors to working smarter and more efficiently with Office365.

At Spintr we love the Office365 suite, and are working  unceasingly to improve our integrations to connect and homogenize your digital workspace. Our rule-based updates are free of charge for you as a Spintr client. No extra costs or hidden fees.