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Envisioned for today and tomorrow

If you are finding it difficult to keep up with dynamic communications and an interconnected business landscape in your company, it's time to make a change.

The waves of EXP evolution

Business is moving faster than ever with advancements in AI-enabled technology and a younger digitally-savvy workforce. That means a traditional intranet isn’t enough anymore to meet the needs of today’s sharp, collaborative, well-rounded employees in work-from-anywhere environments.



  • Top Down Information
  • Centralized Information
  • Document Management



  • Employees have a voice
  • Employee Engagement
  • Knowledge Sharing



  • Connects employees
  • Real-Time Comm.
  • Project Management

Late 2010 - Today


  • Employees matter
  • Personalization
  • Well-being focus

Embrace Next-Gen Employee Engagement

Leading organizations are now choosing employee experience platforms (EXP) to deliver support and more fully engage their employees at every level.


  • Integrated ecosystems
  • Fully mobile and responsive
  • AI-supported productivity
  • Support onboarding and training
  • Deepen relationships between leaders and employees
  • Collaborative digital workspaces
  • Data-driven insights for action
  • Personalized experience

Outgrown your intranet?

The reality is that home-grown intranets in Sharepoint or Wordpress simply don’t have the functionality needed to meet today’s business needs.

If you are done spending the time, resources, and money needed to maintain your legacy intranet–without getting what you really want, it’s time to consider an upgrade that will simply work from the get-go. 

Spintr - built from the ground-up with future vision for today and tomorrow

Spintr delivers a united, all-in-one, custom-built cloud-based employee experience platform that is proven, consistently updated, and has built-in redundancy for business resilience when the unexpected happens. And yes–it handles basic intranet functions really well too.  

user experience User Experience

The Spintr employee experience platform integrates all aspects of the employee journey into a single, intuitive platform. From onboarding to collaboration, knowledge sharing, and celebrating corporate culture, it unifies disparate tools. This creates a seamless experience that fosters a collaborative and productive work environment.

personalized engagement Personalized Engagement

Unlike static intranets, the Spintr  platform prioritizes personalization. You can tailor individual roles, preferences, and responsibilities, ensuring each employee receives relevant information, resources, and updates. You can also recognize and celebrate employees for personal and team achievements. This personalized touch enhances engagement, satisfaction, and overall work experience. 

data-driven insights for continuous improvement Data-Driven Insights for Continuous Improvement

Harness the power of data analytics to gain valuable insights into employee engagement, performance, and utilization of resources. Leverage this information to make informed decisions, identify trends, and continuously enhance the employee experience. Drive organizational growth through data-driven strategies.

mobile-first accessibility Mobile-First Accessibility

Enable your workforce to stay connected and productive anytime, anywhere. The Spintr employee experience platform is designed with a mobile-first approach, allowing employees to access critical information, collaborate on projects, and stay engaged on the go. This flexibility empowers your team to adapt to the demands of the modern work environment.

agile collaboration and communication Agile Collaboration and Communication

Break down communication silos with the Spintr employee experience platform’s agile collaboration features. Foster real-time communication, facilitate project collaboration, and encourage cross-functional teamwork. Experience a paradigm shift

future-proof Future-Proof

As the nature of work evolves, the Spintr employee experience platform is designed to evolve with it. Future-proof your organization by investing in a platform that adapts to emerging technologies, changing work patterns, and evolving employee expectations. Stay ahead in the competitive landscape with a forward-thinking approach to employee experience.

Just say no to obsolete 

Buy instead of build

Nowadays you don't need to build your custom solution by hiring a variety of consultants who move on once your project is done. Even more, when new technologies emerge, you are stuck with bolting them onto your system, turning it into a patchwork. 

Spintr gives you a united, all-in-one, out-of-the-box cloud-based employee experience platform that is proven, consistently updated, and has redundancy for business resilience when the unexpected happens. 

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