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Company leaders need intelligent connection technologies to increase purposeful efficiency and accelerate results.

Drive bottom-line growth

Business leaders know the value of employee experience within the bigger picture, relying on personal relationships and employee insight to help drive business growth. 

Drive top-line revenues

  • Investing in employee experience can unlock greater profitability driven by happier, motivated employees who are vested in your company’s vision

  • Reduce operational margins by streamlining communications, facilitating problem-solving,  and removing operational bottlenecks

  • Gain first-mover advantage in your market by accelerating employee collaboration which can compress product development cycles
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See the future and report on it while acknowledging employee performance today

  • Inspire employees with all-hands updates, a CEO blog, and regular communications about future trends and emerging opportunities 

  •  Recognize and appreciate front-line employees and leaders who are ensuring happy, loyal customers every day

  • Demonstrate daily cultural alignment and commitment to company pillars in internal communications and training

Know employees as individuals

  • Leaders need to understand employees’ personal multi-dimensional ecosystems and needs to support their peak performance

  • Employee experience is not just for human resources and it is not one-size-fits-all; instead, personalized support and relationship, shared community around company vision, and continuous listening by company leaders supports a healthy culture

  • Trust and psychological safety in the workplace are precursors to employees expressing themselves and providing authentic feedback; gain the voice of your employees through the consistency afforded by an employee experience platform
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Make informed decisions for optimal efficiency

  • Leaders need actionable data and tailored intelligence, without specialized statistical knowledge, linked to critical business metrics for impact and results as well as predictive trend and opportunity analysis

  • Solving real employee problems means understanding potential obstacles and roadblocks, which can be surfaced and solved through an employee experience platform

  • Gain employee input, feedback, and practical insights to support desired outcomes in alignment with key performance indicators (KPIs)

Drive employee engagement by example

  • Employee engagement goes beyond the HR function as leadership commitment prioritizes and delivers on employee experience 

  • Inspiring leadership invested in employees create an engaging work environment which naturally supports employee productivity and peak performance

  • Employees who feel supported by leadership will want to work which reduces absenteeism, burnout, turnover, and hiring costs; plus, such employees are more committed to upskilling, supporting company succession planning 

Oversee employee management

  • Managers bridge employees and leadership and need the right tools, integrated into an employee experience platform, to communicate and collaborate effectively
  • Employee sentiment, morale, and alignment with company vision and culture can be surfaced and supported using an employee experience platform

  • Make team, project, and organizational decisions more effectively by accessing the voice of employees

Practice accountability and governance

  • When company leaders and managers take responsibility for cultivating a great work environment, employees feel valued and supported 

  • Leadership accountability is the foundation for positive employee experience, emphasizing the collective effort needed to create a thriving work culture    

  • Accountability and governance practices for leaders around employee experiences can become a competitive advantage by creating a great corporate culture
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Spintr Mobile Apps

Reach your remote, work-from-anywhere, and field employees with relevant information and communications.

  • IOS/iPhone
  • Android
  • Tablet

Personalize your mobile app using your brand look and feel.

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Your AI-employee 

To support efficiency and productivity as well as the opportunity to start possibility forecasting and trends. Ask your digital employee (AI assistant) to handle answers to employee questions. You can also use generative AI for faster content development.

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