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Human Resources

Supporting on-site, field, and hybrid employees from their entrance through exit in being connected and empowered in achieving company vision, mission, purpose, and projects. 

Build culture and connections

Delivering a positive employee experience through meaningful connections, personalized information, and dynamic culture to foster employee communications, retention, and regulatory compliance. 


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Know what your employees really want

  • Take your organization’s “pulse” by surveying employees on their expectations, wants, and needs

  • Surface employee comments, concerns, and suggestions to measure morale and improve systems

  • Collect employee input and feedback on company initiatives


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Make information easily accessible

  • Share updates, news, stories, and files at the speed of business 

  • Target focused, relevant content on-demand for role-based access (top-down, by individuals, teams or projects, or company-wide) 

  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements with centralized resources and proactive postings

Communicate effectively for clarity and inclusion

  • Create and push relevant content to the right employees at the right time for a personalized HR experience

  • Curate and communicate aspects of corporate culture across the organization, increasing employee motivation and buy-in

  • Give employees visibility into organizational policies, protocols, and best practices to ensure and support standards

Recognize performance and give feedback

  • Give recognition to celebrate individual and team achievements, news, and key moments through public shout-outs in a familiar user experience

  • Bring company values to life with nominations for employee awards and recognition

  • Understand the nuances of employee contribution and attitude to support performance management
Culture Change

Align goals with individual contributions

  • Set achievement goals, supported by why they are important, then make them visible with centralized, easy access 

  • Tie goals to brand and core values, then map and communicate employee roles and contributions to achieving them

  • Attain employee-organization alignment by tagging goals unique to content within Spintr.

Gain insight into your workplace

  • Bring company values to life by highlighting company culture, values, and practical examples throughout the employee experience

  • Assess the engagement and reach of information, communications, and employee engagement through AI-enabled analytics

  • Understand hot buttons for employee morale by monitoring conversational topic and focus areas

HR specifics

Leverage the Spintr Employee Experience Platform (EXP) in various ways to enhance employee engagement, communication, and overall satisfaction. 

onboard Onboard

Use the platform for onboarding processes, providing new employees with a centralized hub for training materials, policies, and resources. 

Spintr Module or Feature: Spintr files or share Sharepoint files

develop Develop

Share educational content, training modules, and resources to support ongoing professional development.

Spintr Module or Feature: Personal Development

benefits Share benefits

Centralize information on employee benefits, insurance plans, and retirement options for easy access. 

Spintr Module or Feature: Spintr files, static web pages.

comply Comply with policies

Store and update company policies, handbooks, and HR-related documents in a dedicated section for reference.

Spintr Module or Feature: Spintr files, static pages, blog or link to Sharepoint files

growyourteams Grow your teams

Share internal job postings, career advancement opportunities, and career options within the platform.

Spintr Module or Feature: Spintr news or integration to tools such as Teamtailor

getfeedback Get feedback

Implement surveys to gather real-time feedback on employee satisfaction, engagement, and well-being.

Spintr Module or Feature: Management tool

communities Build internal communities

Facilitate employee communities or interest groups to foster a sense of belonging and collaboration. Spotlight employee stories to humanize the workplace and strengthen the organizational culture.

Spintr Module or Feature: Blog, News, Sub hubs, Celebrate wins (small or big).

insights Gain insights

Leverage analytics to gather insights into employee engagement and overall HR metrics. Use predictive analytics to identify trends and make data-driven decisions to improve HR strategies (coming soon).

Spintr Module or Feature: Spintr insights

wellness Support wellness

Provide access to employee wellness resources, health tips, and information on supporting work-life-balance to improve on employee satisfaction and retention. 

Spintr Module or Feature: Spintr files, Sub hubs, Blogs

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Spintr Mobile Apps

Reach your remote, work-from-anywhere, and field employees with relevant information and communications.

  • IOS/iPhone
  • Android
  • Tablet

Personalize your mobile app using your brand look and feel.

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Your AI-employee 

To support efficiency and productivity as well as the opportunity to start possibility forecasting and trends. Ask your digital employee (AI assistant) to handle answers to employee questions. You can also use generative AI for faster content development.

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