Learn how you can easily uncover new opportunities to make your social intranet an unprecedented user success.

In this digital workplace guide you will discover:

A. Plan for successOur top tips to ensure a successful intranet implementation

B. The Spintr Intranet PlanAn easy-to-follow seven step plan on building a successful social intranet.


The world of the intranet has matured significantly in recent times and with it so has its user expectations. Today’s intranet is not a static platform nor a mere repository -of files, folders and documents – it’s an interactive and inspiring hub of information.

We strongly believe that Spintr is all that and more: a clear stand-out among other alternatives by way of our team’s dedication to delivering a wholesale solution that is everything our users have come to expect. Spintr is defined by its continuous evolution for both ourselves and our customers.

Spintr will arm you with all the tools you need to make your social intranet a flawless success. This guide is designed to help you implement those tools for maximum effect.

A Plan for success

A plan for intranet success - The Spintr Way


1 Make a plan

By opting not to use external consultants for the creation and implementation of your intranet, the control lands completely in your hands. Spintr gives you the opportunity to essentially implement an entirely new infrastructure with just a single click. However, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good idea to have a well-defined plan for to meet your goals.

Make a wish-list. Before diving head-first into all the features that your chosen solution offers, compile your own list of things you’d like to see. This will help direct your priorities moving forward without needless deviation.

License expiration. Make sure to cancel any current plans you are subscribed to before renewal.

Migrate from existing solution. If your organization is currently using another intranet solution, Spintr makes it easy to migrate content. Have a content inventory ready to reference to make sure nothing is left behind.

Project Management. Spintr is an excellent platform for projects so familiarize yourself with all the different features before jumping in. Using Spintr to plan your setup is a productive way to move along with the plan while simultaneously building your knowledge base.

Information Architecture. Map out the content structure and the navigation system of your intranet and draw up a folder structure. If you already have a logical folder structure, this can be adopted by Spintr automatically. At this stage you can also begin suggesting a group landscape.

Key Performance Indicators. You’re investing in a cutting edge intranet solution for a reason, so it makes sense to list the KPIs you want to track on an ongoing basis. Spintr has a sophisticated dashboard feature that you can use for this particular purpose.

Launch plan. Make sure there’s a distinct plan in place for employee on-boarding. Use the current channels to provide updates and promote its benefits. It’s always a good idea to make this a collaborative event or combine the launch with another company happening. The launch plan should also include a clear training schedule.

2 Educate

Workshop – To be able to successfully implement any intranet solution that is embraced by all employees, a workshop that covers the most important features is a good kick-off strategy. One or more members of the implementation team should introduce the whole company to the benefits of a social intranet.

Manuals – Spintr is constantly producing educational material that you can utilize, but every organization works with the solution in its own way, so online manuals are a good resource for users who like to go deeper.

User Guide – It is recommended to have a user guide that contains layman’s instructions on the general use of the intranet. This should contain basic guidelines regarding keeping communication at a certain professional level as well as defining a framework for respectful discourse with coworkers. Both the manual and the user guide should be easily accessible within the intranet’s content framework

3 Delegate

Implementation Team. A key success factor is having a motivated implementation team in place. Even though the Spintr set-up is so easy you don’t necessarily need technical expertise, it is always helpful to involve technical staff in this type of process to ensure that they are all comfortable with the change as well. In order to achieve this, you must recruit key personnel that will be driving the process and have the knowledge to move the process forward.

Assign contributor roles.  A step that is often overlooked in the process of introducing a new intranet within an organization is assigning contributor roles. Just like with any other network, you need people taking on different roles to make things tick. You’ll want to make sure that you have the type of users needed to drive communication in the different channels and who take ownership of the various components of the intranet. Below are our official suggestions regarding the contributor types your organization can benefit from recruiting internally. Naturally, some of these roles can be combined but, generally speaking, not all roles are public. Certain employees are recruited to drive content creation and user engagement.

Administrator or “Gatekeeper” – The onus is on each company to decide whether it makes more sense to choose someone from Human Resources, Marketing or any other department for this role. This is the main administrative role, responsible for controlling user access as well as the general architecture with groups, folders etc. The administrator is also in charge of making “official announcements” which espouse the company line.

  1. “Analyst” – Spintr compiles a lot of user data that can and should be taken advantage of to optimize the solution as well as identify opportunities for competence building and inciting more engagement. The ‘Statistics’ feature is a great source for this.
  2. “Evangelist”– To achieve rapid engagements from employees, having system ‘evangelists’ lead the way by contributing content from the get go is a huge driver.
  3. “Subject Experts” – An organization benefits from having subject experts from different departments contributing updates on department activities as well as posting links to articles and other content that may be of interest.
  4. “Group Leader” – Creating groups is a key strategy for project working as well as “social planning.

4 Plan for sharing success with a launch campaign

Build hype – Rather than just ‘dropping’ a new intranet solution on employees, try to build the hype with teasers of what’s to come. Inform users about the process of choosing the solution and distribute key information before launch. This info could take the form of a ‘welcome package’ with details around launch day and a brief on what all users are expected to contribute. Furthermore, there are other engaging strategies you can use, such as naming competitions or sharing pre-populated employee profiles that are informal and unconventional.

The Launch – The advantage you have when introducing a new enterprise solution is that expectations are low. Previous experiences with internal communication flow tend to influence the possibilities people are capable of imagining. A well-prepared launch can turn this around and raise expectations quickly.


  1. Make sure the visual identity is 100% complete. When employees enter the solution for the first time, they should feel at home in the environment instantaneously. Spintr’s white label solution allows for presenting a fully branded intranet concept.
  2. Populate complete profiles from the implementation team. This makes it easy to follow the examples of existing profiles and persuade employees to fill out their own pages.
  3. Have your main groups already set up. This facilitates a much faster appropriation of collaborative work forms.
  4. Have your contributor community ready. Recruit the roles described above before launch.
  5. Prepare an introductory video. The purpose of this video should be more inspirational than educational. Make launch day a real event. Invite everyone to a social gathering and present the intranet on a big screen and stock up on refreshments! Keep in mind that employees will need time to get into the Intranet after the presentation. If you need to run from one meeting straight to the next after introduction, this will invariably damage your employee’s perception of the intranet’s importance.
  6. Keep building momentum. When employees start their first day as social intranet users, they should be able to see that things are happening. Post photos from the launch day event and start publishing news, preferably employee-centric.

B Building a Successful Intranet in 7-Steps

The following is a list of features to use as a foundation for planning and constructing the intranet that your organization needs.

1. Visual identity

Spintr is a white-label solution, which means that your company can use its own signage throughout communication in Spintr. We recognize the benefit of signaling a strong corporate identity internally and Spintr is configured specifically to facilitate this.

2 Invite

Being social means inviting colleagues to join your network and ensuring that no one is left out, resulting in your digital workplace becoming more efficient and complete. Another very useful aspect is the ability to invite people outside the company as well. This comes in handy especially when it comes to project work with external resources.

3 News

This is a central feature in the overall flow of information. News is used to keep the whole organization updated on important changes and developments. Furthermore, news items can target various user groups, making this a truly valuable tool for disseminating information throughout the organization.

4 Groups

Another powerful tool that is essential to project working and collaboration initiatives, the feature can be used for complex project planning as well as organizing social events. There are no limits to how many groups you can form with Spintr and you also have the option to invite external collaborators to work on projects.

5 Content structure

A logical content structure is a key factor for your intranet’s success. Spintr makes it easy to create a hierarchy of content with main pages, sub-pages etc. There’s also a variety of templates to choose from depending on how you visually want your content to be presented.

6 Activity feeds

Interaction is what the social part of a Social Intranet is all about. Coworkers interacting more enhances team spirit which again facilitates improved productivity. It is important to encourage users who are active in the social flow by liking or commenting on posts. More activity equals more user engagement.

Social learning is a powerful tool for any organization. This open and transparent way of communicating lets the whole organization in on discussions and knowledge sharing in Spintr’s social stream. This way, the whole organization can be educated without extra effort or redirected resources.

7 Integrations and other tools

Integration is a key aspect of the intranet service. To integrate well with other corporate tools means that users don’t need to leave Spintr for any type of communication activity or information transfer.

What you can do with Spintr:

  • Use iFrames to import content from outside sources to display in the intranet
  • Use favorite links to promote web sites or, for instance, corporate social media profiles and powerful document and file handling with synchronization between Spintr, OneDrive or Sharepoint, as well as other document editing tools.
  • At Spintr, we ensure that you can still have full use of services from Office 365, G-Suite and Skype, for instance, for chats, calendars, email and calls.
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