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Twelve Must-Ask Questions When Searching for, and Ultimately Buying an EXP

12 Must-Ask Questions When buying an EXP

Selecting the right Employee Experience Platform (EXP) is a pivotal decision for your business. To steer you toward making an informed choice, we've compiled the essential questions that will uncover the true value of any EXP. These questions are designed to bring clarity and ensure the platform you choose aligns with your business objectives and growth trajectory.

1. What are the key features of the platform? 

  • Understand features and functionalities, like employee onboarding, performance management, and communication tools. 

2. How does the platform support employee engagement?

  • Inquire about employee engagement features, like recognition and rewards programs, feedback mechanisms, and tools for a positive work environment.

3. What is the implementation process?

  • Learn about implementation, including timeline, required resources, and vendor onboarding support. Confirm current software compatibility (i.e., payroll, HR, social streams, chat, performance management, and learning management).

4. What security does the platform have in place? 

  • Ask about security standards, cryptosecurity protocols, data privacy measures, and compliance with industry protection standards, like GDPR and HIPAA.

5. How user-friendly is the platform for both employees and administrators?

  • Evaluate the interface and usability to ensure accessible and intuitive useability.  

6. What analytics and reporting capabilities does the platform offer?

  • Understand the analytics and reporting capabilities for providing business intelligence and actionable insights. 

7. Can the platform support a remote or hybrid work environment?

  • Confirm how it works for remote, field, or hybrid work employees, including mobile responsive access and tools for virtual collaboration and project management.

8. What training and support services are provided?

  • Inquire about training options for both employees and administrators, as well as ongoing vendor support.

9. Is the platform scalable to accommodate your organization's growth?

  • Ensure the platform can evolve functionalities and scale to meet the needs of your growing workforce.

10. Is the platform future-proofed?

  • Ask about core infrastructure, innovation processes, and vision/accommodation for emerging technology and new applications. .

11. What is the total cost of ownership, including any hidden fees?

  • Understand the pricing structure, including licensing and subscription fees, implementation costs, support service levels, and customized branding.

12. Can the platform demonstrate a positive return on investment (ROI)? 

  • See real-world examples of how the platform has improved employee satisfaction, productivity, and organizational success. 

With these key questions, you're now equipped to make a discerning choice about the best EXP for your organization. For a richer insight into each question:

  • Download the Full Buyer's Guide:
    Deepen your knowledge to ensure a confident decision. Access the guide for a thorough exploration of what makes an EXP stand out.

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