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Less IT intervention while delivering more employee support

Use a proven employee experience platform unite access to the technology stack, leveraging third-party integrations, and empower employees to get what they need quickly and efficiently. 

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Integrate your existing tools

Find the integrations you need in Spint's one-stop Marketplace or use our API to develop your own integrations. 

Why build when you can buy?

Building requires more resources, time, and ongoing maintenance. Spintr offers a a user-friendly experience and built-in features, reducing development complexity and ensuring a more streamlined employee experience. 
cost-efficient Cost-efficient Given the cloud-based model, there's no need to invest heavily in developing a custom build, infrastructure and equipment, or ongoing maintenance. Additionally, the subscription model means predictable budgeting while allowing for scalable growth with pricing based on actual usage.
expert Expert implementation

The platform is ready-made for rapid implementation, saving the time needed for building a customer solution. Pre-built integrations of common tools and services means simple, seamless connection with third-party systems. Using Spintr’s experts means having access to specialized skills and knowledge.

scalability Easy scalability Spintr’s cloud-based platform is designed to meet dynamic and emerging business needs, easily scaling to support increased workloads and eliminating the constant demand for IT staff to manage and upgrade infrastructure. Add additional teams.  markets and geos to your experience platform. 
continous Continuous updates As improvements, patches, updates, and innovations are developed, the Spintr platform automatically implements them, along with infrastructure maintenance, troubleshooting, and new features, so your platform is always current without your IT team’s intervention. 
accessible Accessible and resilient

Spintr’s platform delivers access anytime from work-from-anywhere environments, making it easy for global remote or distributed teams to connect. To ensure availability and business resiliency, Spintr has robust, redundant infrastructure to reduce downtime risk.

security-1 Built-in security The Spintr platform has incorporated proactive security measures and best practices, including data encryption, regular security audits, and regulatory compliance protocols for certification, to ensure data privacy. 
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IT specifics

Update your policies, tips, and tricks in a collaborative Wiki environment. Push updates on software and technology news via an IT blog. Keep employee data safe by sharing cybersecurity best practices. Document protocols for easy employee access.

To excite your inner geek, see the features below that only IT can truly appreciate.

automate Automate your User Management

Spintr allows you to add and maintain your employee base from your Active Directory (AD) using our connectors and synch capabilities. 

Spintr Module or Feature: AD Connector & Synch

integrate Integrate to existing solutions

Find the integrations you need in Spint's one-stop Marketplace or use our API to develop your own integrations. 

Spintr Module or Feature: Marketplace & API documentation.

app Reach employees via mobile app

The Spintr platform has been developed with a mobile-first strategy so the native mobile app matches the functionality available in the desktop experience

Spintr Module or Feature: Android and IOS Mobile App

AI-ready Leverage AI-ready features

Take advantage of AI 

Take advantage of AI to enable employees to work faster and more effectively using the built-in Spintr AI integrations. 

Spintr Module or Feature: AI features

alert Alert employees real-time

Spintr can alert your employees immediately about potential issues, system interruptions, or unexpected disruptions wherever they are located. 

Spintr Module or Feature: Broadcast feature

self-service Access IT self-service knowledge 

Users can find expert advice for self-service troubleshooting through FAQs and proven solutions. IT professionals can access and maintain resolution documentation.

Spintr Module or Feature: Web pages, blogs, news or wikis and sub hub area

Automate trouble-shooting

Give employees guidance on how to handle basic issues, like password reset or what to do with a potential cyberthreat. You can use Spintr's dynamic Q & A feature to answer basic questions. Bonus - this feature builds over time based on employees' questions.

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Spintr Mobile Apps

Reach your remote, work-from-anywhere, and field employees with relevant information and communications.

  • IOS/iPhone
  • Android
  • Tablet

Personalize your mobile app using your brand look and feel.

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Your AI-employee 

To support efficiency and productivity as well as the opportunity to start possibility forecasting and trends. Ask your digital employee (AI assistant) to handle answers to employee questions. You can also use generative AI for faster content development.

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