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We’re expanding our customer success & support team – meet Anna-Karin!

We’d like to welcome our new support and training coordinator to Spintr! She’s full of energy and ready to continue to develop our support and training functions.

What did you do before starting at Spintr?

Before Spintr I was campaigns coordinator at the convenience store service provider Axfood Närlivs. I’ve also worked as marketing coordinator at Röhnisch and information officer and web editor at Örebro Promotion. Common to all of these posts is the need to keep everything in good order and to be the famous spider in the middle of the web. And to like human contact, of course!

What do you get up to in your free time?

After work I mostly spend time with my family. But I hang out a lot at the fitness club and like going to the movie theater when I get the chance. I also like to have a few DIY projects on the go—painting, trimming, pasting, folding, cutting, drilling, sanding… Kind of making old things new.

But I must admit I’m a real TV series geek. I tell myself I’m learning something about human nature by following the different characters’ fates but that’s probably just a bad excuse. I guess my top three are House of Cards, Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. And The Affair. And Suits. And Scandal. And Seinfeld…

What attracted you about the job at Spintr?

Spintr is a relatively small company with huge potential. We offer an exciting product and I look forward to supporting its users as much as I can.