Manage seasonal challenges

Chain and other retail stores are characterized by a seasonal sales cycle. There’s a lot of preparation to be done in connection with campaigns, seasons and work peaks.

Spintr’s smart tools give the central office a complete overview over how and when each store prepares for each coming campaign or season.

Retail Intranet industry solution

Sales based on key number and sales data

The retail industry faces numerous challenges related to large overhead costs, profitability, administration and efficiency, especially in competition with e-commerce. A streamlined and motivating teamwork practice within the organization is a must to overcome these challenges. Spintr’s social tool provides you with a shared information source that streamlines the workflow and facilitates interaction and communication across the company.


Reduce personnel turn-over with increased team spirit.

An additional challenge for retail, and other season based businesses, is to retain educated personnel that represent sales and create value for each individual unit. A key individual’s sales knowledge and results can make the difference between a surplus and a deficit for a store. Keeping employees that represent a large investment in training and education is a key success factor.

Spinr is, for this reason, based on driving team spirit, employer brand identity and employee engagement. Use your own logo and corporate identity to communicate specific information to targeted groups for increased relevance and recognition.

Retail Communication

With Spintr you get:

  • Individual units’ sales data, budget information and top lists to drive motivation and inspiration
  • Show individual seller data and benchmark against sellers throughout the organization, or in each individual store.
  • Reduce excessive e-mailing through a social Intranet representing a central information source.
  • Employees can communicate and interact with quick comments and chats instead of longer messages, saving time and money.
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