We never stop delivering

Working in the public sector, following best practices is a common occurrence. You will often find that there are very similar agencies to your own, an organization or public office, that have wondered, made demands, negotiated and introduced a solution like the one you are searching for.

Using consultants seems like a good idea, but whenever a consultant is involved there will be insecurities regarding which path to take. A consultant will have a limited timeframe in which to deliver, before moving on to the next client. This is not how we work.

Continuous development and support

We never stop delivering and developing. Our passion is building long-term relations and our ambition is to always provide the most comprehensive, smartest and cost-friendly Intranet solution in the market. This is why we keep developing our solution and work hard to stay innovative – to make sure you – our customer stay satisfied.

Public Sector editorial environment

User friendly editorial tool.

Spintr is a solution built for complex organizations with hundreds of editors, but works equally well in a smaller setting. The main purpose with Spintr is that information is efficiently disseminated to everyone in the organization, no matter the size or complexity.

Public Sector selective publish

Target information with razor sharp precision.

Spintr have many tools for creating and targeting the right information, with precision. This makes it a perfect solution for bigger organizations that have complex structures with many units, locations and departments.

Spintr are experts in targeting information, with razor sharp precision.

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