Workrooms for shorter or longer projects

An easy way to share workloads and achieve great communication in your organization, is to use the Intranet’s “groups” feature.

“Groups” is a perfect workroom for longer, shorter and permanent collaborations that are suitable for the Intranet. The groups can be open, so that anyone can view the group content, but can also be closed, in which case one will need an invite to take part in the information. A secret group is not visible for anyone but its members.

Social Work Groups

Create groups, discuss, collaborate.

Creating a group for a project or a department is an efficient way of sharing ideas, thoughts and documentation. Using the Intranet’s tools for dialogue, chat and social flow you can easily communicate, update and inform each other regarding project progress or regarding departmental developments. A bi-effect is that people feel more involved.

One can create unlimited groups categorized according to purpose and goals.

Plan, schedule and make notes.

All groups have a planning tool with a calendar allowing you to create events, book meetings or plan for various tasks, so that everyone in the group is updated and  aware of coming events.

There is also a notification tool. The notifications is a complimentary feature that is not necessary to upload as it always at hand in the group. This can be edited, exactly as text pages.

Workgroups share files

Share files and documents, even from the mobile.

You can share, upload and create files and documents directly in the groups file editor. One can also create a unique file structure per group.

Documentation and information can be accessed via Spintr’s mobile app, which makes the work more flexible with a simpler more efficient workflow.