Wikis - our own Wikipedia

Wikis is Spintr’s own ”Wikipedia”  and is one of the optional apps that can be activated. Wikis is based on Wikipedia, and the idea is to create a communal hub for information that everyone can contribute to.

Wikis is divided into articles that are segmented by themes. You can edit or remove content in Wikis.

Spintr Wiki

Structured formats

Wikis is structured into three parts: Wiki, article and section. these parts are used to build your Wiki-page and make it easier to find a specific  subject and gather information. The more fine-tuned the segmentation, the easier it is to find information. You can also add images, files or links as the same editor  is used for the whole Intranet.

Wikis is especially apt for handling economical routines and best practices, information that otherwise is hard to manage.

wikis personal

Personal Wikis

You can choose to have your own personalized Wiki. This is a way to have your own information source that is easy to navigate, and finding information,  in. You can also choose to prioritize your Wiki. This means that it’ll be on top in the list of available Wikis, and therefore easy to access. If you have several prioritized, they will be listed A-Z. Wikis can also be targeted to each relevant department.