A super-social Intranet

The core in Spintr is being a social Intranet that connects people in an organization.

The Intranet is constructed to allow co-workers to integrate as much as possible through comments. discussions, and the classic “like” function. By letting all communication and information pass via an Intranet, the reduction of e-mailing is drastic.

Social interaction flow

Social flow - posts and sharing content

The social engine in Spintr is “social flow”. This is where co-workers share images, video clips, files, blog posts or news, everything in real-time. Knowledge, experiences and ideas are shared, and creates an amazing arena for joint problem solving and information sharing.

Social Work Groups

Workgroups and social blogs

Via Spintr’s “Blogs” you increase dialogue and interaction and facilitate continuous updating on themes, projects or tasks. The blogs allow for comments. likes and article sharing, across the organization. A blog can be directed at a small interest group or a wider audience.

To streamline tasks and markedly reduce the number of e-mails, one uses the Intranet’s “Workgroups”. This is for quick sharing of information and documents, within as well as  outside the organization. Besides increasing productivity significantly, this is a more fun way of team working.

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