How internal news works in Spintr

“News” in Spintr is designed for easy publishing of events and news. News is placed centrally in the Intranet to make it easy for users to see and discover current news and upcoming events.

To create, edit and read news is done directly in the Intranet and is not a separate system. All users that have Administrator or Editor status have the opportunity to create and edit news.

Create blog

You decide the format

You can decide how much space to give each news item, as well as how long it should be published. The space is decided by the image size chosen.

  • Choosing a smaller image will make it a side image to the text. If you choose a larger image, it will fill out the frame for the news item.
  • When you create the news item you have the choice of publishing and end dates. This allows you to create news in advance and publish them at any given date.
  • You can, furthermore, set a specific time frame for a news item to be published and unpublished.
News target group

Target Groups

News can be directed at offices, target groups or specific individuals. This entails that only targeted users will get the news item in their feed. One can even hide certain news from specific groups.

Social interaction flow


Spintr is constructed to be a social Intranet with focus on interactions between users – a  focus that is also included in the “News” feature.

  • You can decide whether to let users comment on news and whether it should be possible to add comments and responses to comments.
  • You can “Like”  news by clicking on the like-button by the news item.
  • You can share news directly in your feed, to different departments or to a colleague who might have missed it. This way news spread to more viewers.
News more functions

Other valuable features

A bonus is that all news automatically, at regular intervals, are saved. This way there is no need to worry that your work disappears for good. No news item is ever deleted completely, whether you remove it willingly or by mistake.

All news can be e-mailed to call attention, and drive traffic, to the Intranet. You can decide who shall receive each e-mail.