Build your document-handling

Spintr’s document-handling makes it easy to build a logical structure with files, documents and folders, and one can choose who in the organization should have access to the different elements.

Files and Documents

Work with your document

To work with, create and edit different types of documents such as Word, Excel och PowerPoint is easy and something that can be done directly in the Intranet in Spintr’s internal document-editor.

A document can be locked so that those without access cannot make changes. Files can easily be shared with colleagues by using the “social flow” or in individual work groups.

Files integrations

Powerful integrations

There’s a direct integration with OneDrive and SharePoint with Office 365 in the file-editor. This makes it easy for you to get to your own files in OneDrive and the organization’s files in Sharepoint, no matter where you are. Everything is synchronized between the Intranet, OneDrive or Sharepoint, which means that you can access all files from where they are uploaded or where you log in.

Documents can also be edited directly in the intranet with Word, Excel and SharePoint online. There are also more integrations to document-edit systems like, for instance, Canea.