Communicate efficiently with Text Pages in Spintr

“Text pages” in Spintr work especially well for creating customized content for your organization, and can be information pages, link lists, control documents or department  lists.

Text pages contain internal forms, that you create directly in the Intranet, as well as flexible editing tools that are easy to work with. All users with Administrator or Editor status can create and edit text pages.

Content Target Groups

Personalized and targeted content for various target-groups

One can choose to direct text pages at specific recipients, offices, departments, groups, roles or recipient groups. This means that only specific recipients can view , and interact with, the content. This allows different departments to have their own text structures with sub documents, contracts, planning and information that help their work without interfering with other users.

Content pages

Use preformated templates or make your own

All text pages have pre-designed  templates to choose from. They have different layout, but one can also choose what type of information regarding a text page to have available.

  • Using templates one can choose to show the editor of each page and who did the last edit. This way it is easy to direct questions to the right individual.
  • You can see how well the page was received by users.
  • You can attach folders that follow the margins of a text page. This way it is easy to get to relevant files, images and documents.
  • Create your own templates with predefined headlines, links, fonts etc. This makes it easier to publish specific types of content.
Content publishing

Publishing times and placement in the structure

You decide when to publish a text page and for how long. You can also decide where on the Intranet to place it, in the top menu, or as a subpage to a text page.

Content statistics

Statistics, usage and reach

All text pages are measured statistically. A graph shows how many visits during the first 30 days, and peak visitor days. This is a clear indication of a page’s popularity and you also get to know how many users the page has reached. This is a valuable and important tool to see what reaches the users, and what pages are in use.