This is how the Spintr blog works:

“Blog” in Spintr works just like any other blog. It is a great way to spread important information to the right recipients. This information could be a monthly update for a department or team regarding sales and statistics. Blogs can also be used for more informal communication that is not suitable as a news item.

Create blog

Everyone can create a Blog

Everyone in the Intranet can create a blog. They can have a specific theme, like work related news or even tips regarding non-work related matters. This is a great way of getting colleagues integrated and start socializing with each other, as one can comment and like each other’s blog posts.

Blogs can be categorized, so that they appear as a news item in the news feed. One can also prioritize blogs if some are especially important for the organization as a whole.

Blog author


All blogs have a main author who can recruit co-authors. A co-author can publish blog posts, but not make any changes or edits on the blog itself.

One can choose if blog posts can be commented on and liked, depending on the blog’s purpose. The blog author decides this.


Linking to and from Blogs

One can link from external blogs via RSS to the Intranet. This can be an efficient and easy way of importing relevant information that one feels that other people in the organization will find interesting. This is a practical solution for the recipient who will then have all information in the same feed, without having to leave the Intranet to search for information.

One can also link from the blogs on the Intranet to an external web site, so that they can be read on other pages.