Key figures - live on your screens

Add specific key figures to your platform for internal communication!

When you see your key figures change in real time it encourages and boosts your employees in a new way. Target relevant key results to specific audiences to increase their interest through knowledge.

Your colleagues will experience an even more transparent organization. Engagement will thrive which means satisfied customers, more efficient coworkers with an interest of delivering their very best.

Distribute your key figures along with weekly news updates to put them in a context – this way they will make more sense to your colleagues, which will encourage your employees to perform even better.

Communicate and visualize your key figures through your social feed on Spintr. When shared on your platform everyone can celebrate when you reach your goals – together.

Datapuffen topplistan


Top list

Shows who or what is performing best at this very moment.

With changes in real time when sales take place – a key to commitment and engagement.



Key figure widget

Watch key figures change towards your goals in real time, and compare changes over time.


Graph widget

Easy to overview a specific time and track which days your store had the most visits.

All widgets can be targeted towards a specific audience in your organization.

Unlock engagement

When an employee knows its purpose, it makes it easier to succeed!

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    Key figures made simple when displayed in a context

    To reach goals requires engagement. Share your relevant key figures so that everyone can follow them. Appoint an employee to consistently work, keep track of and explain them to your employees.

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    The key to increased profit

    Focus on key figures and let everyone participate as the organization reaches its goals. As your colleagues see how they get closer to the goals in real time they will most likely perform better which enable them to reach their targets quicker.

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    Boost engagement

    A synchronized group of people strengthens and engages a team as a whole – a challenge when people work shifts or in different geographical places. With the possibility to be a part of the team, no matter when or where you work, engagement and the will to perform better at work, increase.

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    Learn more about key figures

    Share information about key figures with your colleague! We have created an e-guide with our best thoughts and ideas about key figures, and how to use them, in expanding organizations.

    Download for free!

Our customers experience success

Spintr is a safe and continuous delivery at a fixed rate that includes support and ongoing development of your project.


”An easy and intuitive communication tool where we internally can create news and blogs that explains and simplifies all the different stages for our employees.”

Linda Ahnfeldt, Marketing Director, SOVA

"As Spintr is a responsive tool it allows all employees to participate and contribute with information – to belong and participate is one of Panduro’s biggest goals! Therefore, a platform that reaches all employees, in all cities and countries, is vital for us."

Eva Stenström – Project Manager, Panduro
Peter Stjärnurmakarna

”When we first started using data widgets in Spintr, our employees' engagement rose by 32% in one week! Spintr engages colleagues, boosts team spirit and displays our key figures automatically in real time, which saves time and streamlines work.”

Peter Simonsson – CEO, Stjärnurmakarna

“Spintr is quick to get started with, is self-instructing and doesn't require IT skills to be managed.”

Johanna Lindros, Jämställdhetsmyndigheten

”Spintr contributes to clarity and co-creation between committed employees in an environment with people in focus.”

Johnny Nordström, BRIS

Right focus is key

Choose from plenty of key indicators but make sure you focus on the ones that make a difference in your organization. Share them with your colleagues, directly on your platform for internal communication, where everyone can see, react, and act as the change right in front of their eyes.


Arrange internal competitions where shops or colleagues can engage – something that clearly will affect your key results as the participants can see their placement in the top list, as it updates in real time.

50.000 users are already participating

You are only one step away from achieving top notch internal communication – we make work easier for you!